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YogaExpo 2013 – Saturday 19.01.2013, 10.30 am

Beyond Asana – The next step for the Soul Pilgrim

YogaExpo 2013 – Saturday 19.01.2013, 10.30 am

A Detox Asana Practice and Pranayamas

-Getting the body relaxed and cleansing the Nadis for the ultimative energy “quick” of Pure Kundalini Shakti.

With Noeli Naima-Yogini Ranjani

And guest Kundalini Yoga Wisdom Teacher Vijay Radhakrishnan


Additional information:

Some life strokes from the Urban Yogini life,

After long years of travel around the Globe, enhancing my yoga-life experience, and had crossed the ages of the yoga interests that every practitioner or Yoga Teacher endures (asana, mudras, different yoga styles, yoga philosophy, hard yoga, soft yoga, India, gurus and Sadhus, Sutras and Bhagdava  Ghita.) I was ready to jump the abyss, I wanted go beyond Asana, I wanted to go there were liberation is palpable trough Pranayama and Meditation, but all I´d tried before didn´t served the modern life needing’s through the big jump. All in Yoga I´d been experiencing helped me lots, and taking in consideration my life history, yoga even changed my destiny, but I wanted to touch the fountain, not only the different Samadhi states.

Riding the consciousness waves of our own evolution process, one day it just strikes you like a thunder that living in a virtual Yoga bubble is not taking you any step deeper, no matter even that you mastered the 3° Ashtanga series, read all Iyengar and Desikachar books, not to mention the Yoga Sutras and all the Holly Yoga books one interested student should read. Without transforming all the theory and practice observations fruits in to action, in being “present” nothing really changes that last more than the time after the practice or mediation, in the continuity and assiduity the gaps down became rare, but really to be able to hold the Prana for longer times is for some of us with that level of daily stress a task for the next life??

I had a strong feeling that is not like this and like everything in the Universe evolves, Yoga also evolves, and a new approach would be already there to be know, I just didn´t know where start to search neither for what, 100% sure it should be something ancestral but reloaded for the modern life and with Pranayama, some Asana but not that obsession that reigns for now and a kind of simplicity, for all humans to understand, not only for Yoga knowers, my feelings led me strong to Pranayama and Pranic Cleansing, but what where?

Time went by, and the annoying feeling of separation there, “yoga me”, and “private life me” where bothering more and more.  Time was permeated with the intensive care a new born requires and the constant mental process of wanting to know what comes next here, here and now??

My thirst for the spark that would light my inner fire not only in the good times hanging with the Yoga fellows somewhere in a beautiful Yoga Environment was getting stronger and almost painful, because until then I hadn´t tasted the grey of current life that much because of the constantly travelling, my inner fire was burning at top speed back then, until the unexpected happens: I´d got pregnant and fix at the small town South Germany for the first time in 12 years living abroad.

We all remember when a moment is gone that changes completely the course of one´s life.

And even feeling blissful with the baby arriving, my thirst was not stilled.

I was feeling lucky and lost, finding no time for me among so much new responsibilities, my Husband’s life changed just that much that he had a grumpy wife at home with a baby but he was globetrotting.

New life, new Baby, no Travelling, “arriving” here and now was hard. My mind was scattered not wanting to let go the old patterns, or wandering in the future, with the sleepless nights topping all, the big grey corrode my light even though the love towards my little one, shaking deeply my faith in my believing’s.

Give time to time, would my Granma say.

When my little one turn 6 Months, I went back to teach some hours, at first in a Fitness Center,

We organized an Yoga Open Air for the Summer,  there I met Vijay Radhakrishnan. His selflessness towards serving as a vessel for the Kundalini Shakthi was touchable. We took some classes with him.  He offered the initiation to a group of Yoga teachers and I knew it in my guts without doubt that this would really change the wind in my sails. And so was it.

I got initiated in Maha Shakthi Yogam in September 2011 in this little town in South Germany, and a 180° shift started in my life from there. Remember having read somewhere that when the disciple is ready, the bliss of receiving the impulse you need to evolve is coming to you, no matter where you are? Trust me. It really happens.

Realizing what “Being in the moment”  really means may differ from understanding and maturity of each individual, but none that arrived there, can deny the awareness that fulfill even the moments we are not at our best, so simple as it sounds and so difficult as it can be to arrive there, being present is nothing but being blissful HERE AND NOW when taking care of your baby or cleaning the kitchen or taking a yoga class, or even being pissed with something or somebody, it’s not just about having Saffron robes sitting on a mountain in Himalayas forever blissful and just good, and we all know this, we have read about it, but how many of us realize it and started to act, to “be present now on earth”?

I needed the Initiation to ride to the next level in my evolution, it was from far the beauty and the beast release in my counciouness.

Can our stressful life´s or even our created Yoga bubble allow us to feel the differences in “wishing to be present” and really “being present”? “Arriving” in the present is an initiation ritual breaking matrixes that not serve our higher best anymore and adopting new ones that serve not only our evolution, but from all around us, leading us to active assume the responsibility of our choices, our inner interactions and outer actions.

Being present in my life bought me many other “presents”:

-less time in internet or mobile phones, more time with my family and friends,

-no virtual wishing but presently living, loving where I AM, back to simplicity

-embracing a completely new perspective in my “yoga life”

We started to work together as vessels for the Shakthi, unifying my experiences as a long term Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher knowing how to reach the yoga practitioners, from this side of the Globe with his Kundalini Maha Shakthi Yogam experiences from India.

My Yoga classes gained a different matrix of vibrations and the feedbacks are very intense, also in more physical classes, where there is almost no time to speak about these topics.

All the beautiful beings that shared the experiences of our work together or at our groups, gave us inspiration for the next step, as in 2013 we are starting a Tour to bring the Kundalini Shakthi experience everywhere to everybody who feel the call inside and the thirst to dive deep in to realms of the soul.

Come to the YogaExpo - 19.01.2013, 10.30am for the launching of our Tour 2013, there we share with you some Detox Asanas (twists) to get ready for the bliss of pure Kundalini Shakthi.

Bring an open heart and the ability to bend your lips in a smiley J

We are glad you are coming,


Noeli Naima and Vijay Radhakrishnan


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